Facts You Need to Know Before Receiving Russian Massage | Al Barsha Pearl Near Ramada Chelsea Hotel | ☎ 00971526241244

Facts You Need to Know Before Receiving Russian Massage | Al Barsha Pearl Near Ramada Chelsea Hotel | ☎ 00971526241244

Russian Massage has become a legendary technique in the United States. What is the reason for this? What is Russian Massage? Why should you (or should you not) choose it as your massage treatment? All of these questions I hear almost every day for the past 20 years of my practice. This article will help you to understand what Russian Massage is about.
One of the most difficult tasks is to define what Russian Massage in United States is. I have been living in this country for over 17 years and have seen a lot of massage therapists practicing “Russian Massage”. Also there is a number of massage schools teaching “Russian Massage Technique”. I was shocked to see such a variety of completely different techniques, all calling themselves “Russian Massage”. There is a reason for this diverse proliferation...
The truth is there is no such term as “Russian Massage” in Russia! Searching through numerous Russian books on the subject of massage therapy you can find an unimaginable number of different massage techniques and a substantial variety of their combinations. Each of these systems has a specific name. For example: “Connective Tissue Massage”, “Classical Massage”, “Body Reflexology Massage”, “Point Massage” and so on. Also there are many techniques and systems, which are not described in the literature at all, due to communist regime prohibitions back in the day.
Most of the similarities between these different techniques are only in terms of general principles, common and most popular strokes, and the specific approach to safety of massage therapy.
Another factor in defining Russian Massage is its purpose.  Massage therapy in the United States has become almost synonymous with muscular therapy. This is not the case in Russia, where massage therapy is commonly used to treat a great number of aliments, such as asthma, gastritis, Kron’s disease, hypertension, myopia and so on.
To finish my discussion about the “identity crisis” of Russian Massage in the United States, let’s talk about the bio-energy aspects of Russian Massage System. Aside from medical use of Massage Therapy in Russia, there are many practitioners who practice an ancient tradition of bodywork. This includes not only physical but also bio-energy strokes and techniques. This esoteric tradition has been passed down through generations but, of course, was not welcome during the Communist regime. Although massage therapy schools in the United States offer classes on Polarity Therapy and Healing Touch systems they are not really integrated into the system of massage therapy. In Russia bio-energy techniques are often integrated into old tradition massage systems. In my opinion, this is another unique characteristic of the Russian Massage System.
I would, therefore, define Russian Healing Massage as a system of massage therapy integrating massage strokes and techniques as well as bio-energy correction methods originating in Russia, which have been developed since ancient times.This definition gives me the opportunity to appreciate both the medical specialists and the Russian healers while talking about the actual system, rather than about many different techniques practiced in Russia.


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